Firm Overview

813 Washington Street
Waukegan, IL 60085

We have chosen to focus our practice on family law.

Our goal is to assist families as their relationships change, in a way that is fair to all, with as little emotional damage and cost as possible.

Where possible we try to achieve our client's goals through negotiation or mediation. We realize that a willingness to be reasonable and compromise has to be present on both sides for mediation and negotiation to achieve a fair outcome. When litigation is necessary, we have the court room experience, legal skills and dedication to fight for our client's rights.

Both Deborah Goldberg and Kevin Kane are certified Family Mediators and are approved by the court for court ordered mediation in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court.

We believe the first priority of the family should be the security and well-being of the children. Because of our commitment to the welfare of the children, we will not accept a custody case unless our client is committed to what is best for the children.

We are certified as Child's Representatives and are frequently called upon by the Court to accept appointments to represent the children in contested cases assisting the Court in determining the minors' best interest.