Visitation Guideline Do's and Dont's

813 Washington Street
Waukegan, IL 60085

  1. 1. Develop a workable plan that gives children access to both parents.
  2. 2. Keep ongoing contact with the children so they donít feel rejected or abandoned.
  3. 3. Continue reassuring children they can still count on both parents.
  4. 4. Guard against canceling plans with children.
  5. 5. Establish a home for the children with a place for their belongings (toys, clothes, etc.) with both parents.
  6. 6. Maintain telephone contact with the children.
  7. 7. Have children ready in time for the other parent.
  8. 8. Be home on time to receive the children.
  9. 9. Keep parental communication lines open.

  1. 1. Pump children for information about the other parent.
  2. 2. Try to control the other parent.
  3. 3. Use the children to carry angry messages back and forth.
  4. 4. Use children to deliver support payments.
  5. 5. Argue in front of the children.
  6. 6. Speak derogatorily about the other parent.
  7. 7. Ask children with whom they want to live.
  8. 8. Put children in the position of having to take sides.
  9. 9. Use the children as pawns to hurt the other parent.